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Beauval Zoo

Beauval Zoo! Every year there’s something new and the novelties are more and more spectacular. There was the baby panda, then the gondolas, then in 2020 the famous dome. After that, what will they do next? If you’re in the region, a visit to Beauval Zoo is a must.

By reserving your camping pitch or rental, you can also book your tickets at a reduced price.

zoo de beauval
aquarium de Touraine


Discover the aquatic riches of the Loire and many more more exotic creatures. A few figures? 70 Aquariums, 2 million litres of water, 300 different species of fish, and 2500 specimens. It’s easy to spend a day with the family whatever the weather.


When you come to visit our region, silkworms probably aren’t the first creatures you think of! But only a few steps away from the campsite, in Bourré to be precise, you’ll find tiny silkworms with big appetites! You can explore large galleries dug into the rock. The troglodytic site of the MAGNANERIE de Bourré welcomes adults and children for an unusual visit in the world of the TROGLOS. Definitely one of the most fascinating experiences during your stay in the region.

ver soie bourré
randonnée à cheval


  • Visit of the Cheverny Castle Kennel : La Soupe des Chiens at 11:30 am
  • horseback riding in Faverolles sur Cher : Le Cher à Cheval 06 46 00 52 95
  • the stables of Gué Péan in Monthou sur Cher : Website
  • the Safari train in the animal reserve of Beaumarchais : Website
  • la ‘Chouette Expérience’ : Introduction to Falconry in Montrichard Website