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The image of the campsite is of paramount importance and goes hand in hand with the support of the customer in sustainable development. Setting a good example is part of this. We have put a number of things in place. Please feel free to discuss this topical issue with our team.

At the campsite, selective sorting is available to everyone. At the entrance, on the car park, you will find :
– The glass bin for glass packaging, without caps or lids
– The bin for recycling packaging other than glass (bricks, cardboard, tins, plastic bottles, etc.)
– The red container for non-recyclable waste

New this year: The composter! Composed of 2 bins, in 2022 we will use the left bin. We put all organic waste in it (peelings, hard bread, leftovers from meals excluding meat and fish, dead leaves, empty toilet paper rolls, tissues, paper towels, etc.). If you would like more information on this subject, please contact our team. We suggest that you bring your green waste to us and take it to the composter after checking.

In the sanitary facilities and mobile homes we have installed water saving devices on the taps and shower heads. On the grounds, we have installed mulching and a drip system around the plantations to save water too.

At the reception desk, we try to save paper and use the sheets printed on one side as scrap paper or put them back in the printer to print on the reverse side if possible. Customer invoices are no longer systematically printed, but rather sent by email.

At the bar and in the kitchen, we avoid leaving water running unnecessarily. We sort packaging and glass and plastic bottles. A grease trap has been installed in the kitchen to protect the environment and kitchen scraps are sent to the compost bin. You can ask for packaging to take your leftovers home when you dine out.

Overall, we are careful not to leave lights, computers and other electrical appliances on or plugged in unnecessarily and we hope you will do the same. Thank you in advance for the planet!

With friends, family or as a couple, come and spend your holidays or a weekend getaway at the Couleurs du Monde**** Campsite in the Loir-en-Cher located in the Loire Valley; a great starting point for all your adventures. The Loir-et-Cher has many different faces:  historical heritage with our many different castles, a heritage of gastronomy, and many vineyards producing the famous local wines of the Touraine. Try biking, canoeing, or walking along the Cher or the Loire rivers. And don’t forget about the famous Beauval Zoo! 

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